IAA offers a variety of services to help you obtain the most value from each auction.

IAA has identified a number of companies whose services may be of value to you when bidding on, purchasing, transporting and/or exporting vehicles. IAA does not endorse or warrant the services of these companies. They are provided for your information to use, or not use, as you see fit.


Financial Services

AFC Logo

Automotive Finance Corporation

AFC is a leading provider of floor plan assistance in North America with over 25 years of service to the industry. AFC offers a number of financing options to help Buyers leverage their capital and expand their purchasing power. Among the more popular financing options is AFC''s 14-Day Buy-and-Go program. Talk to a Customer Service representative at the IAA location nearest you for additional program information.


Licensed Brokers

Licensed Brokers are experienced buyers with the ability to help individuals and businesses purchase practically any vehicle from any IAA auction. They can also provide assistance with the transportation and shipping of vehicles to both domestic and international destinations.


Transportation / Shipping

Loading Service

Loading services for most vehicles are available at many auction sites. Please contact the branch for availability and rates.


Branch Delivery Service

Local delivery for most vehicles is available at select auction sites. Please contact the branch for availability and rates.


HaulMatch Logo is a leading online vehicle transport brokerage service offered to both the general public and registered members of select U.S. auto auctions. facilitates both domestic and international vehicle transport at competitive, instant and guaranteed pricing.



InterCargo Logo

USA InterCargo, LLC International Auto Shippers specialize in in-land transportation and overseas shipping of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, other motorized equipment and specialty cargo.


CarsArrive Network

Cars Arrive Logo

CarsArrive Network has been North America’s leading provider of automated vehicle shipping services for the past 12 years and is currently the industry leader in online vehicle logistics. CarsArrive is the trusted vehicle transportation service partner to dealers, financial institutions, captive finance companies and OEMS.



Inspection Vendors

If you are unable to inspect a vehicle yourself, Inspection Vendors will work with you to provide onsite inspections of vehicles. Inspection Vendors



What if I don’t have a license to buy a particular vehicle?

IAA lists a number of Licensed Brokers on our site to help you buy vehicles where you may not be eligible to bid. These brokers are licensed in all 50 states and can also help with transportation and shipping. They typically charge a fee for their services and may also require a security deposit.

Does IAA deliver?

Some of our facilities offer outbound towing. The Auction Center also features a list of transportation and shipping vendors that can help you move your purchases to their final destination – either across town, or across the ocean.